Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston

The Gilligan Law Firm handles cases for those who have been accused of committing a crime.

The Gilligan Law Firm handles all types of Criminal cases including the following:

Attorneys with the Gilligan Law Firm aggressively defend clients who are charged with criminal offenses in Houston and Harris County daily. As such, we are prepared to handle all types of criminal misdemeanor and felony cases including DWI/DUI, possession of marijuana, possession of controlled substance, cocaine related charges, theft, assault, assault family violence, burglary, and weapons charges.

Many ancillary concerns are present during these cases that can add to an already burdensome situation. In a first offense DWI case without an accident or injury involved, as a defendant, you are faced with not only the underlying charge for which a conviction carries up to six months in jail or two years if enhanced, but also the many collateral effects and consequences, such as license suspension and thousands of dollars in surcharges on top of the two to four thousand dollars in fines depending on the degree of offense charged.

During a DWI case, one of the first concerns for most clients is the loss of their driver’s license. Because timing is crucial, we immediately file for an ALR (Administrative License Revocation) Hearing to prevent the license suspension. This allows the license to remain in effect until the outcome of the hearing is determined and provides an opportunity to reinstate the driving privileges upon a favorable finding. If your driver’s license has already been suspended, a petition can be filed for a restricted driver’s license. Where it is appropriate this restricted or occupational license can be obtained which allows the driving privileges to be reinstated upon agreement to particularly enumerated hours and uses. This is done through petition to a county court.

At the conclusion of many cases criminal defense lawyer Houston is able to petition the court to expunge, or delete, all records related to the offense. This has the dual effect of removing the case from the client’s record and allowing that client to legally state that he has never been charge with that offense. If you were previously placed on deferred adjudication, you may be eligible to obtain an order of nondisclosure of criminal records, which has the effect of sealing the records in your case.

The Gilligan Law Firm provides legal representation throughout the greater Houston metropolitan area including all of Harris County, as well as Katy, Baytown, Sugar Land, Pearland, Bellaire, Pasadena, La Porte and Deer Park.

We provide a free initial consult with an experienced attorney during which you will be able to discuss your case freely and confidentially. We will give you a realistic, unbiased evaluation of your legal situation and recommend the appropriate actions to take.

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