3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Court Date for a Traffic Violation

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COSTLY MISTAKE #1: Talking to the prosecutor trying to explain your situation. The prosecutor is in traffic court to make you pay for your offense through fines, points against your license, — and more. The prosecutor has no interest in the reasons why you acted the way you did. He is interested only in punishing you for your conduct.

COSTLY MISTAKE #2: Pleading “Guilty” or “No Contest.” Drivers often think a “Guilty” or a “No Contest” plea will make everything go away. Not true! Drivers have no idea of the trouble they can get into with a “Guilty” or “No Contest” plea. Before you decide on what you’ll do in court, make sure you talk with an experienced defense attorney. Only then can you make a wise choice about how you should proceed.

COSTLY MISTAKE #3: Not letting your attorney handle all the offenses on the ticket. Drivers often want a lawyer to handle only one or a few of the offenses on a traffic ticket. This is a bad strategy because it limits what the defense lawyer can do on your behalf and it ends up working against you. If you aren’t sure how to proceed when you go to court, make sure you talk first with a skilled defense lawyer.

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