4 Smart Steps to Take Before Your Court Date for a Traffic Violation

Spencer Gilligan
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SMART STEP #1: Write down the sequence of events while everything is fresh in your mind. Memories fade and the prosecutor may try to show that you really don’t remember what happened when you got the traffic ticket. However, when you come to court with notes that you made right after you received the ticket, you have much more credibility because you are not relying solely on your memory.

SMART STEP #2: Take pictures. Photographs help the judge and jury see what happened at the time you received the traffic ticket. Photos are even more proof to back up your version of what happened. You have even more credibility when you bring pictures to court.

SMART STEP #3: Remember your court date and verify the information. One of the quickest ways to anger the judge is for you not to show up in court at the correct time or on the correct date. Don’t depend on your memory. Write everything down. Then call the court and verify the time and date.

SMART STEP #4: Hire an experienced attorney. When you go into traffic court, you have a lot at stake, particularly if you already have points against your license. Traffic court is not child’s play. You could lose your driver’s license. The judge could order you to pay a large fine. You could end up in jail. And more. Don’t risk letting these things happen to you. Make sure you hire an experienced lawyer. Because if you don’t, you will wish you had.

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